SolidWorks World 2010 Presenter Spotlight: Adrian Fanjoy

Adrian Fanjoy Bio Portrait

Adrian Fanjoy is a seven-year presenter at SolidWorks World.  He’s Technical Services Manager at Computer
Aided Technology, and his presentation “Tackling
Administrative Images: Deploying SolidWorks to the Masses
,” is scheduled
for Wednesday 2/3 at 1:30 pm.  Adrian was
nice enough to sit down and talk for a few minutes about all things SolidWorks


Q: As a presenter, what do you enjoy most about SolidWorks

A: I really enjoy talking to all the people who show up, with
whom I don’t get to interact on a day to day basis: customers, colleagues and SolidWorks
personnel that I only get to talk to over the phone regularly.  I also enjoy the high level of interaction; there’s
no place to get more information than at SolidWorks World. People are always
willing to talk about what they’ve learned as they go through the event.


Q: What do you anticipate the hot topics to be for the 2010

A: On the customer side, SolidWorks 2010 will be a big
topic.  What people have learned about
this version and how the software’s performing for them—so far, everyone I’ve
talked to has been pleased with the 2010 offering.  

Personally, I’m very interested in the direction of the
software and what next steps will be taken for the 2011 and 2012 versions.  Traditionally, SolidWorks is very good about
glimpses of direction during this event.


Q: What’s your funniest memory from past SWW shows at which
you’ve presented?

A: At 2 a.m. one year in New Orleans, my group decided that it
was time to have a bite to eat.  Being from the South and living in the
Chicago area, I learned long ago that Krystal and White Castle are the same
thing.  Apparently you have to be sober
to come to this conclusion, because I still to this day hear how much better
Krystal is than White Castle.  I keep telling them that a tiny piece of
meat on a steamed bun is the same as a tiny piece of meat on a steamed bun, but
they still insist that there’s a difference.


Q: What sessions do you most look forward to attending?

A: I haven’t had a chance to check out the agenda yet, since
I’ve been busy wrapping up my own presentations.  I’m presenting twice this year, one on my own
and one co-presenting with Josh Altergott.

The one I present on my own is one I’ve given every year for
past five SolidWorks World events.  It
focuses on Administrative Images, which discusses deploying SolidWorks to large
numbers of people; I change it up every year based on the tweaks to the most recent
version.  Some might consider this a
boring topic—I don’t have any of the pretty pictures or graphics helping me to
keep people awake!  But it’s usually very
well received; no one’s fallen asleep on me yet.


Q: Which SolidWorks World has been your favorite?

A: The Orlando events are usually my favorite.  I have always been a big Disney fan and the
Tuesday night events are frequently held somewhere within the Disney
complex.  Last year I got to ride the Mt. Everest roller coast 8
times.  (Try that on a weekend in June during normal park hours!)


Q: As a seasoned presenter, do you have any tips you’d pass
along to other presenters?

A: You’re there to entertain as well as inform.  If your
audience falls asleep during your presentation, it doesn’t matter how wonderful
the information is.  They missed it.  Keep them awake and engaged and
they will remember what you told them.


Q: Any other thoughts you’d like to share with the SolidWorks

A: If you’ve never been, then you need to experience this
event.  It is amazing to me the sheer number of people I see returning
year after year to SolidWorks World.  Once you experience the value you
will see the value in returning each year.

Matthew West

SolidWorks alumnus. I like plate reverb, Rat pedals, Thai curry, New Weird fiction, my kids, Vespas, Jazzmasters, my wife & Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not necessarily in that order.