Treehouse version 2 now available from SolidWorks Labs

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As always, we thank you for your feedback and have updated Treehouse to version 2.

Perhaps the most important new feature of Treehouse 2 is the ability to
import and modify existing SolidWorks documents. It is simple to add an
existing component by opening an Explorer window and dragging the document on
to the intended parent. If you want to visualize an existing assembly,
drag the assembly into the Treehouse 2 workspace and you will notice that
preview images will be generated. A few notes on existing assemblies:

  • When you add an existing assembly into a new Treehouse structure
    and then export, it will reference the existing assembly rather than
    make a copy.
  • Although you can add new components into existing assemblies and
    add new components, you cannot delete or modify the existing assembly
  • When you export your assembly tree, any changes made to existing
    assemblies alter those files and save the documents in the latest
    available version of SolidWorks. Treehouse 2 provides the option to
    backup these files before making alterations.

We have implemented a new menu for adding and managing configurations.
You can create new configurations and derived configurations, specify the
number of instances of each, and switch configurations. As you add
configurations they will all appear in the Treehouse 2 work area
with the configuration name shown at the bottom of each element.
One quick note: Assembly configurations all must have the same number of components.

You’ll notice that we have made some attempts to improve the layout
of work area elements by grouping similar documents and adding a
drawer for drawings.

We have also added:

  • An instance count input to easily specify the number of total instances and suppressed instances
  • A Legend to describe the various colors and linetypes found in the Treehouse user interface

You can download Treehouse 2 here

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