SolidWorks 2010 SP0.0 is Live

If you are a current subscription customer you can get the latest version of SolidWorks right now on the customer portal.

If you have ever seen me present SolidWorks you will know that I have my favourite features and tools… (worrying I know!) well 2010 has many new features I really like but there can only be one favourite… What is it… Mouse Gestures!!!

If you hold the right mouse button down and move it in a direction you will see a disc appear. This disc can contain icons to activate SW commands.

Right Mouse Gestures: My Tip!

Speed up your designing… Make a quick movement in one of 4 or 8 directions to activate commands. These commands can be chosen by you as the “disc” is fully configurable. Just right click on a toolbar and select customise. Then head over to the Mouse Gestures tab and start setting up your disc.

I have found that the most natural tools are viewing tools as you have the S Key for all your features.

Below is my set up for the Assembly, Part, Sketch and Drawing environment

 SolidWorks 2010 MG Discs

My tip would be to keep the icons and positions quite consistent through the different environments as this make it easier to remember… after a little while it starts to feel really natural and you will soon be wondering how you lived without it 🙂

Remember that Normal To will now view Normal to the closest standard view so you don’t need to waste space on you disc for Front, Left, Top etc.

Matthew West

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