A couple of Feature Manager tips that you can use right now…

Whilst reviewing some of the What’s New Material for SolidWorks 2010 I noticed a tip that I was unaware of… also a couple jumped out that I thought would be really easy to implement in any design task.

1. Filter the feature tree

  • At the top of the Feature tree (SW2008 and newer) you will see a filter bar… just start typing here and the feature tree will automatically start to filter. You will also see the graphics area filter visibility of the components in the feature tree. This can be done in parts and assemblies.

Lets look at an example of a fairly complex part that has many features…


Now Filter be Typing Rib… To get easy access to all Rib Features


Here is an example of filtering in an assembly: Lets take an assembly and filter for toolbox parts…



2. Navigate the tree using the Rollback bar

  • You can drag the rollback bar from the bottom of the Feature tree to “rollback” the history of you part. This allows you to see how the model has been made. Did you know you can navigate the rollback bar using the arrow keys? I only realised this the other day!!! 🙂

If you go to “Tools/Options/Feature Manager you will find an option for Arrow Key Navigation.

image This allows you to navigate the selection of parts and features in the tree using the arrow keys. Simply click a feature and then press either the up or down arrow…

Now to move the roll back bar… Instead of selecting a Feature or Part, just click the rollback bar at the bottom of the feature manager and use the arrow keys to step through your model to easily review the modelling steps.


I hope you can make great use of these tips!

If you have an other Feature Manager tips you would like to share please let us know and we will post them too.

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