Design and sustainability- how making a difference through design also makes good business sense?

Sustainability-01-video For those of you who are looking up and down the supply chain for ways to improve environmental performance – and save yourselves literally millions in the process, discover SustainabilityXpress.

Our new sustainability software package code-named “Sage” will be available with the release of SolidWorks 2010.


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SustainabilityBuzzwords Confused by all the buzzwords surrounding design and sustainability?

There are indeed a lot of buzzwords surrounding sustainable design today. Much of the debate surrounding environmentally friendly product design and manufacture hangs on the question of costs and profits: can I afford to go green?

As if reducing materials, designing more efficient manufacturing techniques and technologies, using less energy in production, spending less on raw materials and finding ways to reuse components and materials would actually cost more. What is Design and Manufacture all about? Isn’t it all about creating the maximum possible value with minimum resources?


 So, assuming as product designers and manufacturers we are already taking steps to make the best use of the resources we have, the question should be not: can I afford to go green? But rather: just how green is it possible for me to get?


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