Meet Me in St. Louis (but don't sing The Trolley Song)

I’m a big fan of old movies – adventure (The Adventures of Robin Hood – 1938), drama (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – 1939), comedy (The Time of Their Lives – 1946), and yes, musicals (Yankee Doodle Dandy – 1942).  While the 1944 Judy Garland flick mentioned in the title wasn’t one of my favorites, I can’t forget it because of that song. In fact, I can hardly think about St. Louis at all without the words spinning around in my head.

Clang-clang-clang went the trolley…ding-ding-ding went the bell….

I’ve been humming the tune a lot lately because I’ll be heading to a meeting of the St. Louis SolidWorks User Group this week.  The group there is terrific, averaging more than 50 attendees per quarterly meeting.  Group leader Vasant Bennett has done quite a job with this group (he gets a lot of help from Carrie too).

This will be my first trip ever to St. Louis and I’m really looking forward to it.  If you’re in the area, please make it a point to attend the meeting and say hello. 

Just please don’t sing "The Trolley Song".

Richard Doyle
My official title is Senior User Advocacy & SolidWorks User Groups - but most people just call me "The User Group Guy". I've been a SolidWorks user since 1997, and was one of the founding members of the SWUGN Committee. Since starting the Central Texas SolidWorks User Group in 1999, my career path has led me to DS SolidWorks and a dream job supporting the SolidWorks User Group Network worldwide.
Richard Doyle
Richard Doyle