WMSWUG Meeting

Had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the renewed Western Michigan SolidWorks User Group. Great turn out for the 1st meeting (40-50 people). We had a presentation on the SolidWorks API, SolidWorks Customer Portal, and the SolidWorks Installation Manager.

I wanted to thank all those who turned out, and everyone who help setup the meeting, in particular Fred Egge.

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Greg Jankowski
SolidWorks Corp.

Greg Jankowski is the Director, SolidWorks Community & Content Strategy at DS SolidWorks Corporation. He is the author of SolidWorks for Dummies, SolidWorks for AutoCAD Users, and the e-book Exploring SolidWorks. Greg is a regular presenter at SolidWorks User groups and SolidWorks World where he hosts the CAD Admin Bootcamp. Greg started the 1st online SolidWorks community on comp.cad.solidworks and continues to support SolidWorks online communities and other customer web related resources.