Rhino to SolidWorks

Many consumer products start as one of many concepts done by a designer trying to achieve a unique aesthetic look.  One of the most popular tools for 3D conceptual design is Rhino.  Typically engineers have tried to take a designer’s concept from Rhino and complete the detail in SolidWorks using IGES translation.  Starting with SolidWorks 2007 users may now open Rhino files directly into SolidWorks

In SolidWorks 2007 you can:

• Open files directly from the SolidWorks open file dialog

• Import Rhino files into a current SolidWorks part

• Edit the definition of a Rhino feature for replacement with      another Rhino file.

• Invoke editing a Rhino surface directly from SolidWorks and once edited returns the update surface to SolidWorks

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This is a huge step in eliminating time wasted when moving from concept to production design


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