SWIFT MateXpert

In the previous 2 posts I have discussed to new features in SWIFT and SolidWorks 2007.  Now I want to move and talk a bout a common challenge in assemblies, mates.

SolidWorks Corporation has  used SWIFT to tackle the difficulties of mating, i.e., how various components in 3D CAD come together in an assembly. Mates control not only the position of components but how mechanisms move. As mates locate components, they restrict freedom of movement. As users add parts, they often lose track of which components are mated together and how. At this point, a new mate on a new component will often raise a conflict that the system cannot solve.

The SWIFT MateXpert makes it easy for the user to understand and remove the conflict. The MateXpert isolates the problem by focusing only on the components involved with the mate error. The user can then force mates to solve through the mating chain until the unintended mate is revealed. With the MateXpert users can benefit from the power of mates without becoming experts in how CAD systems solve them.

Take a look at the SWIFT capabilities in the Pre-Release version of SolidWorks 2007


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