A real world view

SolidWorks users can now define a camera view which is an alternative to our standard perspective view. This new Camera view is treated like an actual camera object that the user positions in their SolidWorks scene and give them viewing capabilities previously unobtainable. For instance, a user is designing a tractor cab for a new forklift. It is important, when designing the cab, that view clearances be taken into account and that that blind spots be designed out. To see what the cab operator sees, you simple position the camera as if it were the eyes of the operator and then use the on-screen Triad in conjunction with the Property manger to easily change the operator’s view at any particular angle.


Controlling what the operator sees can be observed in real-time as you move and rotate the camera object in one view and look at what the camera sees in another view. Furthermore, the camera uses controls and terminology analogous to real-world camera by allowing you to Field of view, distance, and Focal length. As you use the camera more and more, you’ll soon come to discover the benefits of camera visualization and how it can help you design better product in less time. 

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