Smart Components Take Assembly Design Automation to a New Level

There were some awesome presentations at SolidWorks World on how to save time assembling components. Almost every time a component is assembled, other components (such as fasteners) and features (such as holes and cuts) are also required. Take for instance the D-connector shown at the right. When the connector is assembled, a D-shaped hole is required for the connector body, as well as fastener components and fastener holes. Now, in SolidWorks 2006, you can automatically assemble the necessary fasteners and create the necessary holes upon component placement. Components that have this ability are called Smart Components

Any component can be turned into a Smart Component, and anyone with a basic knowledge of SolidWorks can create them. To assemble a Smart Component with the associated components and features you simply drag and drop from the Design Library.

Smart Components can also automatically “size” themselves as they are being placed. In the for example a snap ring resizes automatically as it is moved along the shaft based on the shaft diameter – the most appropriate configuration is automatically selected and the groove is automatically created.

For more info and a short tutorial on Smart Components see the “What’s New Manual” in SolidWorks 2006 in the Help section


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