Let your titleblocks fill themselves out!

I often speak with customers who tell me how they have used SolidWorks to become more efficient in their design and documentation processes. I have found that even the simple tasks we take for granted can yield significant time savings when automated.

One such example is filling out a drawing titleblock. Significant time savings can be achieved by simply creating standard drawing formats where the values are automatically tied to the part or assemblies properties. When a user fills out a part or assembly’s property information (for example, by checking documents into a PDMWorks vault or by using the custom properties tools), these properties are automatically used to fill out titleblock information.

The benefit is not only time saved, but also consistency of data across documents and the elimination of errors.
If you are not already doing so, I would encourage you to take advantage of this simple but valuable capability. To learn more about this capability simple review the SolidWorks on-line help topic ‘Customizing Sheet Formats’ under the Drawings section.

Fielder Hiss

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