SolidWorks Corporation adds motion analysis software to SolidWorks Office Premium

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 23, 2006 — SolidWorks Corporation today continued to define the standard in CAD by incorporating COSMOSMotion™ software into its SolidWorks® Office Premium software package.

COSMOSMotion’s analysis capabilities will help the many SolidWorks users who design assemblies with moving parts to more easily create more sophisticated and innovative products. Previously sold separately, COSMOSMotion significantly reduces prototyping requirements and speeds development by consolidating previously separate, often manual, design and analysis steps. SolidWorks Corporation made the announcement here at SolidWorks World 2006, its annual user conference. It’s the latest example of SolidWorks’ leadership in bringing powerful design tools to engineers around the world.

COSMOSMotion is fully integrated with SolidWorks Office Premium and its embedded COSMOSWorks® Designer analysis software, meaning engineers for the first time can design, simulate, and analyze an assembly in a single, seamless operation. For example, an elevator engineer can design the assembly in SolidWorks, use COSMOSMotion to size its motor requirements, and employ COSMOSWorks Designer to ensure it will safely support a full load.

The new version of SolidWorks Office Premium incorporating COSMOSMotion will be shipped at no extra cost to existing Premium subscription licensees as part of Service Pack 4.0.
“SolidWorks continues to broaden its world-class mechanical design solutions with the inclusion of motion analysis and simulation functions,” said Charles Foundyller, CEO of Daratech, Inc. “This move gives mainstream design engineers easy access to advanced engineering tools, which is good news for companies facing intensifying challenges to create better-performing, higher-quality products faster and at reduced cost.”

SolidWorks introduced SolidWorks Office Premium last year with the goal of providing teams with all the design, validation, data management, and communications tools they need in one package. “Incorporating COSMOSMotion into SolidWorks Office Premium extends SolidWorks Corporation’s time-honored practice of continually adding value to our software and bringing new design capabilities to the mainstream,” said John McEleney, SolidWorks Corporation’s CEO. A year ago, SolidWorks added COSMOSWorks Designer analysis tools to SolidWorks Office Premium. In 2002, SolidWorks added a point-and-click analysis wizard to SolidWorks CAD software. “History proves this practice makes engineers more productive, enabling them to design amazing products and make their companies more profitable,” McEleney said.

COSMOSMotion simulates the mechanical operations of moving assemblies and the physical forces they generate. COSMOSMotion will help SolidWorks Office Premium users:
· Compute position, velocities, accelerations, and loads encountered by each assembly component;
· Automatically transfer reaction loads to COSMOSWorks Designer software to predict whether components will break or not, or will meet safety factor standards; and
· Check for colliding parts when the assembly moves, and the contact forces between them.

For additional discussion about COSMOSMotion software in SolidWorks Office Premium, visit, and select the podcast featuring Vice President of Research & Development Chris Garcia and Director of Product Management Aaron Kelly.

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