Is this the latest revision?

Have you ever wondered if the version of the design document you are working on is the latest? A few users at SolidWorks World told me stories of sending the wrong version of a document to a supplier or worse yet to manufacturing.

With PDMWorks® users have full control over their documents and immediately know if the document being worked on is current. With the automatic versioning capabilities of PDMWorks, users can efficiently store and retrieve document revisions. Others on the design team also benefit by knowing if a document that they are using in their design has been modified by another team member. Team members know when someone else is working on a document, thereby ensuring that they won’t be overwriting each others designs.

PDMWorks is the perfect tool for design teams who need to concurrently work on projects while ensuring that design revisions as well as complex file relationships are managed.
Best of all, PDMWorks is easy to install and use and in most cases does not require IT involvement.

New in 2006: turn on collaboration notification and let the system notify you when files in your design have been updated.
I encourage you to take a further look at how PDMWorks can help you manage your designs more efficiently, I am confident you will be impressed.

Fielder Hiss

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