Faster, Faster, Faster…

Users always tell me one of the toughest things to do is stay on top of the changes to each release. With SolidWorks® 2006 one change will be obvious and that is the improvements to large assembly and large drawing performance. SolidWorks 2006 has clearly set the bar for large assembly performance by decreasing the time required to perform common operations while reducing the system resources required while working with large assemblies. These gains can be attributed to improvements SolidWorks Lightweight technology allowing for truly interactive operation with large assemblies and large assembly drawings.

The changes to Lightweight technology now allow all common assembly and drawing operations to be preformed in Lightweight mode. Not only can everything be done in Lightweight but the most common commands have been optimized to be truly interactive (<1.5 seconds).

Here’s a tip: to get the most out of these improvements run the Conversion Wizard on your assemblies and drawings before working in SolidWorks 2006.

I encourage you to take a look for yourself at the performance gains in SolidWorks 2006, I am confident you will be impressed.

Fielder Hiss

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