What is IQMS?

IQMS was acquired by Dassault Systemes in in 2019 and was rebranded as DELMIAWorks

What is IQMS? Our manufacturing customers know us well, but we’ve grown considerably since IQMS was first launched back in 1989.

IQMS manufacturing ERP software, now known as DELMIAWorks, uniquely brings together enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality into a single integrated solution tailored for the needs of mid-market manufacturers. For more than three decades, IQMS has been committed to giving customers a unified view across their manufacturing operations, which enables them to compete more effectively in the global market. Let’s look at how it has evolved to serve

What is the history of IQMS?

Founded in 1989, IQMS was designed by manufacturers as an end-to-end suite for running a manufacturing business. A comprehensive and affordable solution, backed by real-time performance and scalability, IQMS quickly became a popular ERP solution for manufacturers with discrete and batch process operations.

IQMS manufacturing ERP software was consistently recognized by both the technology and manufacturing industries for its leadership in serving manufacturing companies. For eight consecutive years, IQMS appeared on the list of INC 5000’s list of fastest-growing private companies in America. IQMS was also named a leader on Software Advice’s Front Runners Quadrant for ERP Software and was highlighted on Capterra’s Top Manufacturing ERP Software.

What kind of companies use IQMS?

With native support for all primary manufacturing processes, IQMS has been used by small to medium manufacturing companies in plastic processing, metal forming and stamping, and assembly manufacturing processes. These companies take advantage of specific functionality provided by IQMS to meet the needs of key industries: automotive, medical devices, industrial supplies, assembly, packaging, consumer products, aerospace and defense, and process manufacturing.

What happened to IQMS?

In 2019, IQMS was acquired by Dassault Systèmes to become part of the company’s portfolio of software products for mainstream manufacturing. Collectively branded as the 3DEXPERIENCE Works, the portfolio includes solutions for design, governance, manufacturing, marketing, and simulation.

At the time of the acquisition, IQMS was rebranded as DELMIAWorks to align with the mainstream 3DEXPERIENCE Works manufacturing strategy as well as to create a brand synergy with SolidWorks, the design product in the portfolio.

The DELMIAWorks product is a direct continuation of the IQMS manufacturing ERP system. As an end-to-end manufacturing software solution, it provides manufacturers with 360-degree visibility and control over their manufacturing operations. In addition to ERP, DELMIAWorks includes MES, finance and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), supply chain management (SCM), quality management system (QMS), warehouse management system (WMS), and business intelligence (BI) and analytics functionality.

DELMIAWorks also continues to be supported by a full line of service and education offerings. These include its electronic data interchange (EDI) solution, MES hardware, eLearning, professional services, implementation services, and product training. Additionally, DELMIAWorks is backed by customer satisfaction managers, as well as phone and email customer support.

Since the acquisition DELMIAWorks and the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio have achieved the major goals set out in the original acquisition strategy:

  • Create an end-to-end design-to-manufacturing product offering for mid-market manufacturers.
  • Enable the worldwide SolidWorks partner network to sell the DELMIAWorks ERP product globally
  • Expand both the DELMIAWorks and SolidWorks offerings to include simulation, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and robotics solutions, as well as products to address data governance and marketing needs.

How do manufacturers benefit?

DELMIAWorks manufacturing customers benefit from the solution’s proven track record of delivering:

  • Complete financial accountability and planning
  • CRM that drives the business’ sales operations
  • Inventory and resource planning that maximize productivity while minimizing investment
  • Automated scheduling that creates operational efficiency
  • Real-time production and processing monitoring that builds profitability and quality into the shop floor
  • Quality assurance management that meets the needs of the most demanding industries
  • Warehouse management that puts raw materials where they are needed and finished goods into the hands of the right customers at the right time

What are today’s top priorities?

As DELMIAWorks continues to evolve, the system is leveraging technology advancements to help customers successfully navigate their businesses today and into the future. Among the top priorities are:

  • Artificial intelligence to improve forecasting, statistical process control (SPC), equipment maintenance, and advanced scheduling
  • Smart manufacturing driven by real-time production and process monitoring
  • Management by exception enabled by automated workflows and alerts
  • Sustainability through scrap and materials management

To learn more, visit the main DELMIAWorks site here.