The Scoop on Four Upcoming IQMS Android Mobile Applications

IQMS upcoming Android AppsIQMS‘ Automation Group is working on four new mobile applications that are bound to be popular: Bill of Lading Signature Capture, Carton Builder, Inventory Transactions and Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) are joining IQMS’ suite of mobile apps and the IQMS Application Manager!

These applications are in the final stages of development and set to be released to the quality assurance team in the coming weeks. So stay tuned to the MyIQMS website for the latest news on when these applications will be available. Each of these applications integrate several sophisticated technologies that are noteworthy and provide end users a real value (Not to mention that they are just cool to play with!):

The Bill of Lading (BOL) Signature Capture application is an advancement in technology both in hardware and software that EnterpriseIQ has offered for some time now. The current hardware for this feature in the BOL module allows a user to click a button that triggers the computer to read the signature for a hardwired tablet device that carbon copies (electronically) the signature on the BOL paperwork (*Cringe.* Sorry, yes I said paperwork. I know this is so 20th Century technology. My apologies).

Fast forward to tomorrow. Actually, fast forward to weeks from now when you have this in hand. You will be able to click a button on the BOL screen and transmit a request to a specific tablet in your shipping area to capture a signature for a particular BOL. Once the driver signs for the BOL, the electronic document and signature can also be automatically emailed to the customer. No paperwork, choose whatever tablet you own (or even a wireless RTStation)! As one of our taller Automation team members would say, “Awesomeness abounds.”

Carton Builder for the RTStation is also an advancement in our Android application offerings that should be popular for users who would like to weigh parts on a scale and determine the quantity of parts by weight. With a weight scale (please contact IQMS for recommendations on scales) connected directly to the RTStation through a USB port, the application will display the current box count on the screen based on the weight so that users can ensure they are filling the box to spec.

When the box quantity is correct, the number shows up in green and the user can click a print button that allows for a customized label to be printed and the goods to be transacted into inventory. IQMS also offers a desktop version of this application that has been around for some time now, but having the application on a small touch screen RTStation with all the other RTStation applications provides a unified, easy-to-use experience for your personnel.

Another in-demand Android application that is close to release is the Inventory Transactions and Locations application. This new app will allow users to select and view information regarding a master inventory item and all of the current locations that the item resides in. Additionally, the user can modify the location and transaction information associated with the inventory item.

Lastly, the Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) application is due for release as well. This application allows a user to quickly enter maintenance or repair information about the tooling, equipment or the work center itself right at the RTStation or from a tablet near the work center! The interface is unbelievably simple and easy to use and should allow maintenance personnel to keep up-to-date with the repair information as they are doing their work.

With mobile technology use on the rise in manufacturing plants across the nation, IQMS’ Automation Group is working hard to ensure that our clients are outfitted with the most state-of-the-art technology that increases workplace productivity while simultaneously helping make aspects of manufacturing easier. I would love to hear your feedback on the new applications we are developing in the comments section below.

Jason Slater, IQMS Vice President of Development, oversees IQMS' award-winning development team responsible for the design of emerging technologies for the shop floor. Jason holds a bachelor of science degree from California Polytechnic State University.