Technology & Software Considerations When Choosing Your PLM Software

When customers, suppliers and employees have questions about how you planned, designed, launched and produced a part, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software enables all of the key stakeholders to have clarity to make informed decisions. This valuable peace of mind frees everyone involved to put their focus on next steps, including continuous improvement and innovation.

What is PLM Software?

PLM software is the software that leading manufacturers use to manage and connect sales, product, production and business process data. It helps provide all employees with a single version of the truth related to a product from concept, design and manufacture all the way through to warranty, product service, and end-of-life disposal.

As a manufacturer, you can use PLM software to integrate people, processes, business systems, and data across your entire enterprise. This integration makes it possible for you to accomplish more in less time as well as reduce development and long-term manufacturing costs — all while ensuring customer safety and satisfaction.

PLM software serves as your common source for detailed and in-depth information about the products you produce. This single version of the truth enhances visibility into the intent, history, and current status of your engineering, production and business processes. It also facilitates your ability to comply with regulations, track products, and eliminate redundant data-entry tasks.

With PLM software in place, you’re poised to optimize your manufacturing and administrative processes, enhance product safety and quality, and speed time to market. By minimizing misunderstandings and mistakes, you experience the benefits of efficient and effective collaboration.

The Evolution of PLM Software

Although PLM software has evolved over time, the goals of product lifecycle management have always mirrored those of manufacturers: shorten the timeframe from product concept to sales, reduce development and manufacturing costs, ramp up production volumes to meet customer demand, and optimize product quality.

Before PLM software as we know it today was created in the early 2000s to help achieve these goals, manufacturers used fragmented, paper-based systems that were time-consuming and cumbersome to manage.

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