Our Customers And Their Collaboration With Us Defines DELMIAWorks2020

The best ideas for how to improve DELMIAworks comes from our customers. Our most recent release, DELMIAWorks 2020, reflects what they’ve asked for along with improvements we’re seeing are needed across our worldwide manufacturing customer base. Every DELMIAWorks customer has the opportunity to be a co-collaborator in creating new features, enhancements, and suggesting improvements on MyIQMS, where they can submit new ideas.

Based on customers’ requests, we’re augmenting the core of DELMIAWorks2020 with improvements to accounting, time-saving improvements to scheduling reports, cost analysis, customer pricing management, and more. We’ve also augmented the RealTime Production Work Center, Shop Floor User, RealTime Process Monitoring Work Center, and Advanced Warehouse Management Modules.

A few of the exciting new features in DELMIAWorks2020 update include:

  • Inventory Activity Cost Journal (IACJ) enables customers to accelerate inventory reporting and achieve greater inventory transaction and accounting accuracy. IACJ generates financial entries based on real-time inventory transactions, automatically balancing inventory accounts using translog tables and recipe cards to generate journal information for greater efficiency and less latency.
  • Customer Price Book and Pricing Management enhancements that streamline price maintenance and enable more efficient pricing strategies. Advanced filtering and Customer Price Book Maintenance is streamlined with configurable options customers can use to save time when managing prices and maintaining price lists.  
  • Advanced Warehouse Management Systems (AWMS) new features to streamline Directed Pick Ticket Workflows. SQL Queries can now be customized to specific logic workflows customers prefer using for picking transaction rules. There are improvements to Distribution Routing Rules in the Customer Maintenance module that provide customers new options for customizing their shipping and distribution experience. 
  • Right-To-Erasure (RTE) Tool is included in DELMIAWorks2020 in response to and in compliance with Article 17 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The RTE Tool enables searches of the database, based on personalized data subject information, and then allows the anonymization of any or all personalized information that is held in the system. GDPR is European legislation affecting all companies who hold personal data of European Data Subjects (otherwise known as individuals or persons). GDPR is legislation passed by the European Parliament / Council of 27th April 2016 under EU 2016/679. This legislation provides the ability to protect personalized data of persons or individuals who have entered into lawful obligations ‘lawful basis’, where such data is held, stored, save, or accessible with a system/computer media, but can be anonymized or deleted at the request of the data subject
  • Improvements to RealTime Work Center and RealTime Monitoring that save valuable customer time and streamline Work Center performance. Based on customer feedback, Group Codes are now included so users can easily identify like types of inventory items as designated by the user-defined Group Code set under the Additional tab on the FG item Inventory record. RealTime Monitoring now supports Inspection Parts To Go, which displays the number of items to go before an inspection is due.


DELMIAWorks2020 addresses our customers’ requests for streamlining core aspects of their manufacturing operations, including inventory accounting, pricing, and warehouse management. We’ve also added a Right-To-Erasure (RTE) Tool, so every customer affected by Article 17 of GDPR can stay in compliance. Adding to our strengths in RealTime Monitoring, we’re introducing improvements to  RealTime Work Center and Inspections To Go logic, all based on customer’s requests and insights.

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Louis Columbus

Louis is currently serving as DELMIAWorks Brand Senior Marketing Manager. Previous positions include Director Product Management at Ingram Cloud, Vice President Marketing at iBASEt, Plex Systems, Senior Analyst at AMR Research (now Gartner), marketing and business development at SaaS start-ups.