AMA Plastics: How the West’s Largest Injection Molder Maximizes Success

AMA Plastics testimonial videoAMA Plastics is a Top 100 Custom Plastic Injection Molder in North America. In its 156,000 square foot facility that includes an ISO Class 8 (100,000) clean room and tooling department.

AMA Plastics uses its 92 molding machines and 60 Yushin robots to serve the consumer, medical, industrial, military and automotive industries. Employee-owned, AMA Plastics runs 24/7 and is the largest injection molder in the West.

Growth Challenges

In the beginning, AMA Plastics was running its business on a combination of spreadsheets, whiteboards and separate accounting and manufacturing packages.

As is common when maintaining a company with multiple software systems, AMA Plastics was experiencing challenges growing its business to the next level.

ERP Solution

Rather than continue to operate with insufficient software, AMA Plastics selected to implement a comprehensive ERP system that would support its future growth. Over the years, IQMS’ manufacturing-specific ERP solution has helped AMA Plastics develop into the manufacturing leader it is today.

Click on the video to hear more about AMA Plastics’ impressive story.

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