Why 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 Should Earn a Spot on the 2023 Calendar of DELMIAWorks Customers

DELMIAWorks User Conference and 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023

With the recent registration opening for the DELMIAWorks (IQMS) user conference, 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023, customers and prospects are evaluating what value’s in it for them. 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, February 12-15, 2023, and is our first large-scale in-person event in three years. So we are incredibly excited to invite our customers and industry colleagues to World 2023 and experience more training, networking, and interaction in three days than you would in a year.

Beyond 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023, my message is broader –the pervasive value of attending industry conferences as a matter of professional and personal development.

Realizing Just How Much More There is to Learn

As I write this, I am sitting in an airport on the way home from a marketing conference. It was, and like so many conferences before, outstanding because of the immersion in a topic essential to my work and the sheer number of other marketing people I was able to interact with and learn from. We think we know something pretty well, and we usually do. But then you learn what another three dozen people know and realize how much more there is to learn and the many different ways to approach and execute a job. It’s empowering and a highly leveraged investment– one trip, three days, and more learning than I could pack into a year in the office.

The week before this, I was at an industry conference in Indianapolis. 550 manufacturing people were in attendance, about half of them customers. 100 prospect encounters and 100 customer conversations later, it was hard for me to even imagine not attending. No way I pick up that much knowledge, gain that much insight, and get to meet that many people from my desk at work. Again highly leveraged. The trip cost around $2,000, but the cost per pound of learning was about a dime.

Like most conferences, these two events were based on several key principles:

  • Formal training on the topic at hand
  • Exposure to life training, be it leadership, environmental stewardship, or self-improvement
  • Extensive meetings with peers, discussing the lessons of the conference, the industry, and life in general, e.g., networking and making friends
  • A chance to experience and learn about a new place

At 3DEXPERIENCE World, we try to follow pretty much this same format. Our agenda:

  • 30+ product training sessions and dozens of one-on-one, Ask-the-Expert sessions to deliver formal training on DELMIAWorks ERP software.
  • Multiple advanced manufacturing and design presentations delivered by experts and visionaries in those fields.
  • A DELMIAWorks customer lounge and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions where customers can meet, network, and learn from other like-minded manufacturing professionals.
  • Several sessions are dedicated to DELMIAWorks product and business updates, which bring with them the knowledge of what is going on at DELMIAWorks and the opportunity to meet with management and old friends at DELMIAWorks.
  • And we have Nashville, the home of country music, to enjoy and explore not only the music’s history but the history of our country that lead to the establishment of country music as a worldwide phenomenon.

I am a firm believer in industry conferences. I have had the privilege to attend and host so many of these events that I know the first-hand value that is delivered and the value that can be derived from attending them. If you are a DELMIAWorks customer or a prospective DELMIAWorks customer, I strongly encourage you to consider attending our event in Nashville. We know you can only attend a limited number of events per year, and our goal with 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 is to deliver an event and an experience that earns a spot on your 2023 calendar.

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Steve Bieszczat, DELMIAworks (IQMS) Chief Marketing Officer, is responsible for all aspects of DELMIAworks' (IQMS) brand management, demand generation, and product marketing. Prior to DELMIAworks (IQMS), Steve held senior marketing roles at ERP companies Epicor, Activant and CCI-Triad. Steve holds an engineering degree from the University of Kansas and an MBA from Rockhurst University.