What’s new with the Wrap Feature in SOLIDWORKS 2017?

One of the many new features within the new release of  SOLIDWORKS 2017 is the enhancements made to the wrap feature. The update now allows users to apply sketch geometry to all face types and multiple faces simultaneously.

In this blog we will explore the options available to us in the property manager of the wrap feature and how the different options will create different appearances to the final design.

To express this feature, we will look at the recently designed Solid Solutions Hover Mower.

SOLIDWORKS Wrap Feature 2017


SOLIDWORKS 2017 Wrap FeatureWhen in the property manager of the wrap feature there are a number of options to choose from as seen in the accompanying image:


Wrap type: the wrap type dictates the protrusion applied to the sketch be it raised (emboss), indented (deboss) or simply imprinted on the surface (Scribe)

Wrap Method: the two wrap methods include the traditional analytical method whereby the sketch can be applied to cylindrical and conical faces and the new Spline surface method, used when applying a sketch to any face type.

Wrap Parameters: the selection made here define the sketch used and the faces to which the sketch needs to be applied to. Finally, the thickness value dictates the depth of the protrusion.

Pull Direction: this parameter determines the direction of the protrusion. Should a plane be selected, then the direction of pull will always be normal to the plane.

Accuracy: Controlled by a slider, this allows the user to determine how accurately the sketch is mapped to the surface, with a greater accuracy reducing the tolerance at which the defining geometry deviates from the sketch.

Preview: as with other features this indicates how the feature will look when applied to the model.


Within this case study of the Lawnmower, we can see how the various options alter the design of the model. Below we can see an example of how the wrap type varies from emboss, deboss and scribe when applied to the cutting blade of the lawnmower.

The feature is used here to add detail and inform the operator of the lawnmower the mounting orientation of the blade, should it be removed from the device and replaced.

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Wrap Feature


SOLIDWORKS 2017 Wrap Feature Deboss


SOLIDWORKS 2017 Wrap Feature Emboss


SOLIDWORKS 2017 Wrap Feature Scribe

Further to this the spline surface method was used to apply the perforations to the surfaces of the grass box. These perforations are essential to the air flow through the system to drive the impeller which help provide the lift for the lawnmower to hover. The design of the grass box can be seen below:

SOLIDWORKS 2017 Wrap Feature Lawn Mower

This concludes our summary of What’s New with the wrap tool in SOLIDWORKS 2017.

Go ahead and try it out for yourself!

By Jassim Alali

Applications Engineer

Solid Solutions Technical Team
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Solid Solutions Technical Team
Solid Solutions Technical Team