Introduction to Cabinetry in SOLIDWORKS – Part 2: Technical Drawings

Here, in part 2 of our look at cabinetry design, we are exploring Technical Drawings inside SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. Part 1 covered Multi-Body Parts. Although this series is based around an introduction to cabinetry, all topics covered are useful to any user of SOLIDWORKS.

This part will feature the method of creating a technical drawing of the cabinet and setting it to include items such as a cut list table.


Technical Drawings

Within the video below you will be shown how to create a drawing of the model, how to add dimensions to the model views and how to change views to exploded. Jamie will also show you how to;

  • Insert a table into your drawing showing the cut list items
  • Creating a bounding box for your cut list parts
  • How to export bodies to DXF/DWG for use on a laser cutter

Using these methods can help those who have to read the technical drawings, manufacture and assemble your models. They will be able to see the dimensions and how the parts fit together, allowing them to create your model with little effort.

See the original article here. Look out for part three in the coming weeks which will focus on Smart Parts.

Cadtek Designer Profile – Jamie Thain


Those who subscribe to our YouTube Channel will recognize Jamie from many of our most popular SOLIDWORKS tutorials. He has been with Cadtek Systems for 6 years, prior to which he was working with some of the biggest design houses in the UK, including 4 years spent with Dyson. Adding to this wealth of experience Jamie has recently been awarded Elite Applications Engineer status. This is the highest level available within the SOLIDWORKS Community. His natural flair for design and presenting is evident not just in his role at Cadtek but also as lead vocalist in the band “Bosra Sham”, a contemporary soul project based in the UK.

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Cadtek Systems UK - Elite SOLIDWORKS Training & Support
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