SOLIDWORKS Ghost Trap Tutorial – Part 4

Happy Halloween and welcome to our 5-part series where we’ll be designing and assembling this Ghost Trap using several different assembly modeling techniques! As you’ll see later in this series, we are going to be designing his trap with the Ghost’s comfort in mind. Why would we want to cater to the ghost’s needs, you ask? Well, the only reason ghosts are haunting us is because they are looking for answer in the after-life. And while we have to capture them to protect our living society, perhaps if we give them a safe haven to do some deep reflection we can help them move past purgatory.

In part 4 we show you how to create an exploded view within the assembly modeling environment, as well as how to create exploded line sketches and how to animate your explosion.


Whether you really need to eradicate a poltergeist or are looking for the perfect accessory for your Halloween costume, the SOLIDWORKS Ghost Trap tutorial series is here to help! Join us for the month of October to learn about different assembly modeling techniques; we’ll cover topics such as multi-body parts, standard and advanced mates, and custom drawing templates. Can’t wait for the next video? View all of the tutorials on the playlist here.

As always, thanks for watching! Show us what you come up with in the comments section and be sure to tell us all about the ghouls you catch!

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