Should I Upgrade My Software?

Should I upgrade my software? I like my car. I like my jacket. I like my laptop. Why do people always tell me to get something new, when I’m happy with what I use? I feel so content. I feel safe and secure and stable. I know what to expect, how it works and it’s doing a pretty good job. So, why should I upgrade?


Change is tough. And we all know, nothing changes faster than technology. Maybe the weather, but that’s a different topic altogether.

In moving to something new or newer, you challenge yourself to learn something else, something new, something better. This both stimulates your brain AND gives you an opportunity to improve your skills. In using the same tool package for a long time, we all get into a habit of relying on the same tool over and over, underutilizing other tools which might get a job done better, faster, cleaner or more exact.

New versions of CAD are built fully aware that it has to be better than the old one. It must address bugs and glitches together with the demand for new features and tools.

SOLIDWORKS versions are especially developed using end-user suggestions. Designers, engineers, CAD operators, even managers and IT submit thousands of enhancements every year. Enhancement requests can be submitted through the customer portal or through your VAR. These enhancements are managed by SOLIDWORKS and the developers include them in their plan for future releases of the software.  So the overwhelming majority of new features in SOLIDWORKS are driven by the same people that will benefit from them, the users.

Some of the benefits of upgrading your SOLIDWORKS to the current version include:

  1. Incompatibility issues and data loss can be addressed
  2. Fixes for bugs and glitches from old versions
  3. Time savings when new software has faster solutions
  4. Taking advantage of new technology, such as faster processors and better graphics cards
  5. Increase productivity by using faster tools or methods
  6. Pushes users to get better at the software by learning something new
  7. Opportunity to clean up databases, templates, settings and so on
  8. Technical support can address issues with current software a lot better if any arise
  9. Collaborate outside the company – others use the current
  10. Keeps up with competition
  11. Boosts staff morale

Upgrading does not mean you lose use of your old version. But not upgrading does mean that you aren’t benefiting from the enhancements in the new version. Just as with saving: upgrade and upgrade often. This is one way to maximize your investment.

By: Cris Ivan • Application Engineer • TPM

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