Introduction to Cabinetry in SOLIDWORKS: Multibody Parts

In this 3 part tutorial, Jamie, one of Cadtek’s application engineers, gives us an introduction to cabinetry in SOLIDWORKS. This first tutorial will look at using Multibody Parts.

Create anything from kitchen cabinets to wardrobes with greater efficiency using Smart Parts. Using this method automatically creates holes for features to fit in them. This makes the process of adding parts into products quicker and easier. To add a keyhole into one of your cabinetry designs you can set the key parameters within a smart part. Consequently, when you then drop that into the model it will automatically cut the slots out to fit the keyhole in the part.

Cabinetry in SolidWorks - Multibody Parts

Multibody Parts

In this video, the first of three, Jamie will show you how to create a cabinet within one part file. The parts within that file can then be exported and saved individually and used in other models and assemblies. Using a multibody part is quicker than using assemblies and allows you to create structures in one part. All the information will be in one place and automatically update together.

Control the size and shape of the cabinet with just a sketch and series of equations. It is simple to achieve and can be done even as a beginner, the more you use it the more efficient and easier it becomes.

Cut your design time and quickly;

  • Create Full Cut-Lists
  • Define Fixing Details and Joints (Box / Dove Tail / Biscuit / Dowel etc.)
  • Save as a Part or Export as an Assembly


See the original article here. Look out for parts two and three in the coming weeks.

Cadtek Designer Profile – Jamie Thain


Jamie has been with Cadtek Systems for 6 years, prior to which he was working with some of the biggest design houses in the UK, including 4 years spent with Dyson. Adding to this wealth of experience Jamie has recently been awarded Elite Applications Engineer status, the highest level available within the SOLIDWORKS Community. His natural flair for design and presenting is evident not just in his role at Cadtek but also as lead vocalist in the band “Bosra Sham”, a contemporary soul project based in the UK.

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Cadtek Systems UK - Elite SOLIDWORKS Training & Support
Cadtek Systems UK - Elite SOLIDWORKS Training & Support
Cadtek Systems UK - Elite SOLIDWORKS Training & Support

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