SOLIDWORKS 2016: Easily Select Identical Components

By: John Setzer, Training Coordinator

Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2016 make it easy to select identical components in an assembly! Just use the new “Select Identical Components” command found in the Selection tool fly out:

SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Select Identical Components

Getting Started

Once you start the tool, there’s an option in the Property Manager to Match configuration names. If this is checked, then only components with the same name AND same configuration will be selected.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Select Identical Components - Select 'Match configuration names'

In the example below, we have three instances of a part named pin_&. When Select Identical Components is run with Match configuration names active, selecting one of the SHORT pins will result in the two SHORT pins being selected, but not the LONG pin.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Select Identical Components Example

If you clear “Match configuration names,” you will get a different behavior. Instead, all components of the same name will be picked regardless of configuration, so all pins will be selected.

SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Select Identical Components - Match configuration names option

Note: if you pre-select a part you won’t get the Property Manager. Instead, SOLIDWORKS will use the last setting used for the Match configuration names option. I find this command extremely handy and I have customized my system so the Selection tool flyout is on my pop-up toolbars. (Remember, you can customize these as of SOLIDWORKS 2015!)

SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Select Identical Components - Customize Your Toolbar

To add this button to your pop-up toolbar, select a component in an assembly to bring up the pop-up, then right-click on the pop-up and choose “Customize.” From there you can go to the Standard page under the Commands tab, and drag and drop the Selection Flyout tool onto your pop-up toolbar. Now, this handy new command will always be at your fingertips when you select a part in an assembly!

SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Select Identical Components - Customizing Toolbar

SOLIDWORKS 2016 - Select Identical Components - Customizing Toolbar

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