Flag Note Bank

In SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition 2016 (MBD), enhancements to the Note and Balloon functionalities now provide a more comprehensive annotating tool. Using the Flag Note Bank, one can organize notes in a numbered inventory to clearly communicate instructions to the viewer. Additionally, the notes can be saved and reused on multiple bodies and even on separate parts of an assembly.

1- Flag Note Bank
The Flag Notes bank is a reference for information, similar to a legend of a map. Instead of using colors or patterns to denote information like in a map, a number and a border are used. Users can display one numbered list of all their notes, and add each to the flag notes bank. Using a balloon, they can attach only the number to their drawing or model instead of a full description. When a user clicks on the balloon, the associated components are highlighted and a description of the note appears. The numbers automatically update when a new number is added or deleted.

I came across it as I was adding a balloon to a part, and found it to be very useful in both MBD and 2D drawings. In MBD, notes are sorted into separate annotation views. In 2D drawings, users can attach a leader directly to a face, and reference the note description elsewhere on the page.

For 2D drawings and MBD, access the Flag Note Bank by adding a note. In MBD, first activate and reorient an Annotation View for the note to belong in. Add a note and attach to a part or assembly using the “Note” feature on the CommandManager. Click anywhere in 3D space to add it. Next, number the notes by selecting the number icon. Add all the necessary content and click the green check mark.


2- Add note

Double click on the note to edit it, and select the number so it is highlighted in black. In the PropertyManager, check the box next to “Add to Flag Note Bank.” A list of the flag notes appears. The Flag Note Bank automatically collects and organizes information about the number, text, and location of the annotation. In MBD, the location will be in one of the Annotation Views. In a 2D drawing, the annotation will be in an outlined box as mapped by the titleblock.

3- Add note to flag note bank
Close the Note PropertyManager and open up the balloon PropertyManager by clicking the “Balloon” button in the MBD CommandManager. Now that a note has been added to the Flag Note Bank, it is possible to apply it to a balloon. Check the box next to “Flag Note Bank” and select the desired note. If there aren’t any flag notes in the bank, this box is not selectable and a flag note must be added using the “Note” feature. Click in the model area to apply the note, or hover near a part or feature so that a leader line will appear. Click to select the feature then click again to place the note.

4- Add balloons5- Special Features
To learn more annotating techniques and MBD features, check out the MBD video lessons.

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