How to create a SOLIDWORKS BOM Template for Drawings and Assemblies

Author: Chris Briand, CSWE – Javelin Technologies

One of the theories that I try to get across to students in our SOLIDWORKS classes is that of repeat-ability and attempting to take steps to only perform a setup operation once, and save them for later reuse.

SOLIDWORKS BOM templates offer us an opportunity to do exactly that.

Having spent your valued time creating the perfect BOM setup. Your setup may contain the proper columns, and spacing — perhaps it even contains equations that you would prefer to reuse elsewhere. We can capture and reuse the BOM setup by saving a Bill of Materials template file (*.sldbomtbt).

Don’t let the record setting file extension length fool you, as saving the template will make it immediately available for use the next time you place a BOM in a drawing or assembly.

To save a SOLIDWORKS BOM Template file:

  1. Select an existing BOM to reveal the column and row headers.
  2. Right-click on the BOM and choose “Save As…”
  3. This will allow you to save the BOM template on your system.
  4. (The default location is “C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\lang\english”)

Save as a SOLIDWORKS BOM Template

Save as a SOLIDWORKS BOM Template

To use a previously saved SOLIDWORKS BOM Template file:

  1. Insert (Menu) > Tables > Bill of Materials
  2. Click the “Favorites” button beside the default BOM Template name
  3. Browse and select the desired BOM Template from the directory.

BOM Template Choice

Hopefully this will lead you to a more streamlined workflow when it comes to creating your Bill of Materials.

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