Wicked Fast Weldments

Wicked Fast Weldments Workflow

SOLIDWORKS Weldments were introduced back in the 2004 version and set the stage to differentiate us from our competition. I was watching some videos on frame generation last year and was inspired to find a better way. Read on or watch below to see how to create Wicked Fast Weldments.


Many users are creating simple box style Weldments for housings, skids and other similar structures. I will show how to create these in as few steps as possible so you can design other more important components.

In the past, you would create a simple box style weldment by starting with a 3DSketch, which would require sketching individual lines to make your box. Or you would create a 2DSketch, then planes and more 2DSketches to represent your box. Features upon features and many that were not parametrically driven. In the rolling steps below, the SOLIDWORKS training exercise is on the left and the Wicked Fast Weldments technique on the right.

Using the Wicked Fast Weldments technique reduces the number of features dramatically.
Using the Wicked Fast Weldments technique reduces the number of features dramatically.


If you just need a box with mitered top and bottom tubes, the fastest method is to Extrude the size and shape of the box and pull your Weldment center lines from the outside edges of the Extrude feature.

Wicked Fast Weldments Box Example

  • Create a Sketch
  • Extrude your base (use the dimensions to later change the size)
  • Create a 3DSketch
  • Convert Entities on all outside edges
    • Turn your Selection Filter > Edges (E) on and then hit CTRL+A to select all edges and quickly convert them to sketch entities
  • Create your Structural Members (Weldment)
    • Select the top and bottom edges first to build their miters
    • Create a new group and select vertical members second which will automatically trim to the top and bottom tubes

Wicked Fast Weldments Workflow Icons


Now that we have the basic method defined, applying this to other framing needs is quite simple. Create your basic shape, create a 3DSketch, Convert Entities and create your Weldments wicked fast!






By: Steve Ostrovsky • Technical Services Manager • TPM

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