SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tech Tip: Archive Your Environment!

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tech Tip


Written by: Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Application Specialist, DASI Solutions

Customizing your SOLIDWORKS Electrical Environment Archive

Did you know that SOLIDWORKS Electrical will remind you to Archive your environment on a regular basis? Did you know that you have the capability of making the Archive custom?

There are ways to remind you to do an archive on a regular basis to capture all of the precious data that you have been working so hard to create. You don’t need to put it on a calendar to do this event. Simply check the checkbox in the Archive Environment Dialog box, and select a specific amount of days to have it regularly remind you!

Archive Environment Dialog Box

You can also customize the fields to either a specific time frame for the modified data, or even create an archive for a specific person! These archives can take some time to create in the software causing delays with being able to finish your existing work. Try to do these archives at the end of the day so as not to impact your work schedule.

Doing an Environment Archive is a perfect way to save all of the data that the software uses. It is critical to have completed before you do an upgrade to your system. It not only saves all of your data, but all the opened projects, the libraries, the added symbols you have created, and even those custom reports that you have worked so hard to layout as you would like.

Archive your Environment! It is a great way to have all that data in one zip file if you ever need it!

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