All You Need To Know About SOLIDWORKS Visualize

SOLIDWORKS VisualizeSOLIDWORKS Visualize is finally here and I can’t wait to tell you about it! For those who don’t know, SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formerly known as Bunkspeed) is a standalone software tool that provides industry-leading rendering capabilities. I had personally been awaiting its release for months and I can tell you that it was well worth the wait! There is a lot to learn about this new product so I’ve collected all of the key information that you will need to get started with SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Enjoy!

Things To Know About SOLIDWORKS Visualize

1) SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a standalone rendering program. This means that it can be run separately from a computer running SOLIDWORKS, allowing it to be used by anyone in the office without tying up a SOLIDWORKS license.

2) SOLIDWORKS Visualize can directly import SOLIDWORKS files as well as many of the most common 3D CAD file formats. If it’s installed on the same computer as SOLIDWORKS, it is even able to update your model to match the last saved version in SOLIDWORKS!

3) Anyone is capable of using SOLIDWORKS Visualize! With a simple user interface and the optional “Easy Mode”, even someone with no CAD or rendering experience can get to work right away.

4) What you see is what you get! SOLIDWORKS Visualize produces hyper realistic photo renderings by using advanced ray tracing technology. This technology precisely calculates the paths of light rays as they emanate from, interact with, and reflect off of the materials in your model.

5) Using the same ray tracing technology, SOLIDWORKS Visualize can use HDRI Environments to illuminate your models, creating realistic reflections that perfectly depict the lighting in that environment.

6) SOLIDWORKS Visualize comes with a free online library full of materials and environments that you can use in your projects. Every material’s appearance can then be fine-tuned to achieve the exact look you need.

7) SOLIDWORKS Visualize is available in two versions, Standard and Professional.

8) Visualize Standard produces only 2D rendered images, but has full access to the online libraries and all of the technology and tools to create beautiful renderings. It is available as a FREE download for all SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium subscription customers on the customer portal.

9) Visualize Professional includes all of the functionality of the Standard version, but also does various types of animations and is equipped with a built-in presentation mode. With Visualize Professional you can create animations such turntables (360 degree spins), camera fly-bys, passing light sources, as well as moving components in your model.

How To Get SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Download SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard from the Customer Portal where you would go to download SOLIDWORKS. There is a separate download link to install SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

Visualize Standard is now included with all active SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium Subscriptions.

Activate SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard by entering your SOLIDWORK Professional or Premium serial number.

For SOLIDWORKS standalone licenses, you are allowed one SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard activation per standalone SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium seat on subscription.

For SOLIDWORKS network licenses on subscription, you are allowed one SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard activation per seat of SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium that exists on the network.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional can be used with the initial 15 day trial that is available after installing. I suggest taking advantage of this trial because only the standard features are able to be accessed once you activate SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard with your active subscription SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licenses.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional is available at an additional cost and will have its own serial number to activate all of the professional features.

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