Multiple Languages in Enterprise PDM Data Cards

Recently, I wrote a blog post, giving some ideas on supporting multiple languages in Enterprise PDM. While writing that blog, I determined there are two ways you can “filter” your data cards so users only see their native language.

Method 1

Make different data cards per language and save them in different locations within your vault (i.e. save the English card in a root folder where only English users will work, save the French card in a root folder where only French users will work.) This works well as long as your folder structure is setup on a per language basis.

Method 2

If users of any language may be working in any location in the vault (and you do not want to confuse your users by seeing a foreign language), you’ll want the flexibility of Method 2.

Create an Enterprise PDM group per language that you support. Add your users into their respective groups.

Language Groups

Then, create a tab control on your data card. Each tab corresponding to one language. English text on the English tab, French text on the French tab, etc. (Don’t forget you can copy/paste controls and their format from one tab to another – this can be a big time saver.)

Tab Names

Instead of showing all three tabs, have the tabs controlled by the variable: “<Name of group>”

Now, depending on which group the user is in, he will only see the controls in the tab of his own language.  If a user is a member of more than one language group, Enterprise PDM will only display the first tab in the list.  Keep this in mind when using this method.

Jeff Sweeney is an Engineering Data Specialist, Certified SolidWorks Expert, and Certified Enterprise PDM Administrator at 3DVision Technologies, a SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller with locations throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. He is a regular contributor to the 3DVision Blog.

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