SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM contains list functionality where you can build lists of metadata to be reused on files in your PDM.  Many times this is an on going list that grows over time.  The list is displayed back to the user in the order that it was entered by the admin.  What if you could make it so the list was returned in alphabetic order regardless of how it was entered by the administrator!

You need to simply create two lists in EPDM.  One that is specified as data type of “Text”.  This list is where you define the raw data that goes into your list.  You will need another list of data type of “From SQL Database”.  This is the list you will reference on your data card.  The SQL query that is used in this list is the following:

Select CardListValues.Value From CardLists, CardListValues

Where CardLists.Name =’Name of your list here’

And Cardlists.Id = CardListValues.CardListId

Order by CardListValues.Value

In the admin tool it looks like this:


Your master list (This list does not get referenced on your data card)


This is your SQL list (This list gets directly referenced on your data cards.)

Just like that you no longer have to maintain the ordering of your list!

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