SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip: Volume Selection in an Assembly

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to quickly make multiple selections? How about picking all of those toolbox components? Or maybe all of of those hidden components? Sure you have. How do you make your selections in these situations? There are many advanced selection methods available in SOLIDWORKS to help you select small or large groups of components efficiently. Let’s take a look at Volume Select. In an assembly, you can select components based on a temporary volume that you define:



Don’t forget! The advanced selection tools are available at your mouse pointer by hitting the S key on your keyboard and choosing the flyout:

Advanced Volume Select on S Key

To learn more about advanced selection techniques in SOLIDWORKS, head over to MySolidWorks and check out the Selection Tools Training Module. What’s your favorite advanced selection technique?

As always, thanks for reading and happy learning!

Rachel Diane York

Rachel Diane York

Community and User Advocacy Manager at SOLIDWORKS
I was the founding member of the Tech Valley SOLIDWORKS User Group and a huge fan of our fantastic Community. I've taught and provided technical support for SOLIDWORKS as well as presented at many user group events. In my spare time I enjoy: billiards, reading, and playing video games. Please feel free to reach out!
Rachel Diane York