Mouse Gestures

Hold down your right mouse button and slowly move your mouse pointer. The ‘wheel’ that appears on your screen is the in-context mouse gesture shortcut toolbar, and each of the icons is a shortcut.

Just swipe the mouse pointer over an icon and you will instantly access that command. The gesture wheel is fully customisable, so you can have up to 8 different shortcuts, and its in-context, so you see different shortcuts if you are in sketch, part, drawings or assembly mode.














To customise the wheel, right click on the command manager toolbar and select Customize:

Techie_3   Techie_4










Select the Mouse Gestures tab, here you can select 4 or 8 wheel gestures.









Tip: A slow double click on the column title will sort already set shortcuts.








To set a shortcut either scroll down the list or use search tool to find the command you want, then click in the relevant column and cell to set its wheel position:













After a bit of practice and as you start to remember the wheel positions you will become faster and more productive, you can also print the gestures list out and keep a copy by your machine (ensure that “Show only commands with mouse gestures assigned” is checked before printing):





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