Attach Files to PDF Using Adobe Reader

Many SOLIDWORKS customers ask for the ability to attach files to PDF. Manufacturing firms would like to send SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies, STP, IGS, or other files in one 3D PDF package to suppliers for quoting or machine shops for NC machining. It is actually very easy using the free Adobe Reader 11. Here are the steps:

  1. Select the “Comment” tab in the upper right-hand corner and open the “Annotation” tab.


Figure 1. Adobe Reader Comment Tab


Figure 2. Adobe Reader Attach Files As Annotation

A pushpin icon appears instead of the cursor when it is hovering over the 3D PDF. To attach many files, right click the “Attach files” button and check “Keep Tool Selected.” To attach just one file, uncheck “Keep Tool Selected.” This will bring the cursor back after the file is attached.


Figure 3. Attach Comment Tool Options

Drop the pushpin anywhere on the PDF. The “Add attachment” dialog box appears. Choose a file to attach to the 3D PDF and click “Open”.


Figure 4. Select Files To Attach

The “Attach File Tool Properties” dialog box pops up. Select one of the four icons, change the opacity and change the color to the desired appearance. Click “OK”.


Figure 5. Select Attachment Appearance

For users attaching one file, the cursor reappears. For users with multiple files, the pushpin replaces the cursor again in order to repeat the steps above.

To open the file, select the Attachment tab from the toolbar on the left and double click on the file. Alternatively, double click on the icon.


Figure 6. Open Attachment in Adobe Reader

Hope you find this help. Please check out the SOLIDWORKS MBD product page to learn more about SOLIDWORKS MBD.



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