Using the Design Library in SOLIDWORKS for Awesomeness

That pop out window on the right of the SOLIDWORKS screen is called the task pane.  When you select the icon that looks like little books you find a brave new world of opportunity.  That is, if you know what you are looking at!

The purpose of the is blog is to show you how to add into the design library.

Some future topics are:

  • What is the Design Library
  • Adding Additional Design Libraries

For now, we will focus on adding into the Design Library

My example is a mold electrode that has some faces moved in order to allow for proper burning in the mold. I wanted to show the model in both pre move and post move positions.

Pre Post Move

Generally when folks see the example they immediately think “When did they add that in?”  And for humility sake, I’ll just tell you you’re here now!

See below for a video on this topic!


Jonathan Weisz, Application Engineer

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