How to Create a Bounding Box for Any Part in SOLIDWORKS

A question that I have been asked several times recently is, “How do I get a volume/measurement of the extents of a part space?” This can be for packaging purposes, stock estimates, etc.

The answer is found in the Weldment tools of SOLIDWORKS. Weldment Cut List Items can have bounding boxes calculated, so we can use that same mechanism to get the bounding box of any part. All we have to do is add the Weldment feature to a part, update the cut list, and ask SOLIDWORKS to make a bounding box. Here’s how to do it:

1. Bring up the Weldments toolset and select the Weldment button to add the Weldment feature to the part.

Solidworks weldments


2. Right-click the Cut List and select “Update.”

Update SolidWorks


3. Right-click on the Cut List Item Folder and choose “Create Bounding Box.”

Create bounding box


You now have a bounding box which calculates the extents of the part volume in space.

Bounding box cut list


If you want to see the numbers for the bounding box, right-click on the Cut List Item Folder and choose “Properties.” You’ll then see the volume and sizes for the bounding box.

Cut list properties in SolidWorks

Bounding box chart

Right-click on the Cut List Item Folder to delete the bounding box if you no longer want it or edit the bounding box to realign it to a different plane.

Edit bounding box

By: John Setzer, Training Coordinator

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