SOLIDWORKS TECH TIP: Model Visualization – Part 3: Camera

If you missed parts 1 or 2…
Part 1: Orientation
Part 2: Perspective

Now that we know the camera, and not the model, moves around for our orientation, and the illusion of depth we create with perspective, let’s dive even deeper to combine these with cameras and camera views.

I’ve given you both a video and text based version of the blog for however you’d prefer to consume it.

To add a camera to your model, Go to the Display Manager Tab > Right-Click Camera > Add Camera.

A quick guide for the camera settings is below, but I encourage you to watch the video, as the on-screen controls can be easier if you’re a visual person.

(Click to Enlarge)


SOLIDWORKS does provide an image to help you with the camera lens, but here’s another visual that might help you understand the different settings.

(Click to Enlarge)

  • The red portion is the distance from the camera to the picture plane.
  • The blue is the vertical angle from the camera to the upper and lower edges of the picture plane.
  • The green is the height of the picture plane.

After you’ve set the options for the camera and click OK, SOLIDWORKS does not automatically use that camera. To make the SOLIDWORKS graphics area reflect what would be seen through the camera, go to the Display Manager Tab > Next to camera, click the plus sign > Right-Click the camera you want to use > Choose “Camera View.” Do the same to turn the camera view off.

These camera views can be used in conjunction with PhotoView 360, animations, and combining PhotoView with animations.

If there are enough requests, I’ll blog about more camera effects like Depth of Field, The Fish-Eye lens, and the Dolly Zoom effects. 

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