Use SOLIDWORKS to turn images into 3D CAD Models

Aaron & Sean, SOLIDWORKS Applications Engineers at PRISM Engineering, give you a quick look at how to use SOLIDWORKS to quickly design realistic 3D models with a festive flair in SOLIDWORKS 2015!

Aaron’s St.Patrick Day Hat Challenge: irish-Hat-2-300x252This was quite a fun model to make. My first thought was, “What do I want it to look like?” In order to decide this, I browsed pictures of various hats on the web.

CAPTURING THE SHAPE OF THE IMAGE: Once I found a hat that I liked, I began by drawing splines on the front plane until I created a shape for the brim and the top part of the hat that looked similar to the picture.From this point I revolved these sketches to form the base of the hat.

ADDING THE FINISHING TOUCHES:The belt was created by converting, offsetting and trimming entities and then revolving the subsequent sketch. The extruded portion of the belt clip was created in a similar way.

Next, the cut extrude of the belt clip was created by converting the outer edge of the clip onto a plane which was offset from the right plane. I then offset entities and added finishing sketch geometry to complete the shape of the belt’s cut extrude. The last cut extrude was a simple, circular cut created on a plane made coincident to the bottom of the hat’s brim.

Finally, I added the appropriate appearances and the hat was complete!

prism-engineering-shamrock-st-pattys-300x273Sean’s Festive Shamrock Design: Being the Irishman that I am, St. Patrick’s Day is clearly a very important holiday for me.

USING SOLIDWORKS FEATURE, AUTOTRACE: Using the power of the Autotrace add-in in SOLIDWORKS, I was able to have SOLIDWORKS instantly trace my imported sketch picture of a shamrock.

EXTRUDING & ADDING THE FLAIR: After I extruded the closed spline shamrock, I efficiently inserted a fully-created sketch block of the Prism Engineering logo for extrusion.

In no time at all, I was festively finished!

Download both parts here: stpatrickpartsprism

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