Opening a DXF/DWG File in SOLIDWORKS

Below is a step by step guide on how to open a DXF or DWG File in SOLIDWORKS.

  • In SOLIDWORKS, open the file in the usual way.
  • A window will open for a wizard:

Wizard window

  • If you need a drawing or if there are multiple views, select as seen above. Then click on Next.
  • Select the layers needed. TIP: select Layers selected for sheet format and you will get everything, format and all views.

Layers for Sheet Format

  • Click Next
  • Enter unit type, note that 1mm becomes 1 inch! If you know the paper size, select it here. Then select Centre in Sheet.

DXF/DWG Import Document Settings

  • Click on Finish.
  • Your drawing sheet opens. You can select a view and Ctrl+C to copy it. Click Yes if a pop up appears.
  • Open a model, start a new sketch and Ctrl+V pastes the view as a sketch. You can now use Contour selection in Extrude Boss etc. to make the solid part.


If you have a simple part it can be opened into a sketch rather than a drawing as follows:

  • Open the part as usual to get to the wizard. Select as here.


  • Select the units etc. Then Click on Next


  • Merge points, merge entities and Run Sketch Repair can close any gaps in the drawing so can be useful, but are optional. Use these if the sketch doesn’t work the first attempt!


  • Click on Finish. The item is opened as a sketch. Use Select contours to extrude etc as usual.



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