SOLIDWORKS Inspection – Tips & Tricks #4

I’m sure you know the feeling. You just worked countless hours to finish a part design, a drawing or even an inspection report, just to hear that there is a new Engineering Change Order (ECO) that forces you to redo everything from scratch! Well, not with SOLIDWORKS!

As you know, with SOLIDWORKS, if you update a part all the drawings are automatically updated accordingly. The good news is it’s pretty much the same with SOLIDWORKS Inspection.

All you have to do is click on the rebuild button. The characteristics of your inspection project will be updated automatically and if there are new annotations or dimensions, the characteristic tree will list and color code the changes for increased clarity.



New characteristics are shown in green while the one removed are displayed in red. Then it’s just a matter of right-clicking on one of those to accept or reject the changes and complete the update of your drawing.


On the other hand, if you are working on a PDF document using the standalone application, you need to use the “compare” tool.


Instead of printing two drawings to manually compare them side-by-side, you can use the compare tool inside SOLIDWORKS Inspection to “superpose” the two drawings.


This will make it easy to identify characteristics that were added, removed or are the same.


New dimensions are shown in green while deleted or moved dimensions are displayed in red.

In addition to help you identify changes in drawing revisions, the compare tool allows you to replace you existing PDF drawing with the latest version. The characteristics already captured are kept and all you have to do is capture the new characteristics or move some of them based on the changes that were highlighted.

With SOLIDWORKS Inspection you can handle revisions with ease!

Make sure to take a look back on tips 12 & 3!  Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on SOLIDWORKS Inspection and as always, visit the SOLIDWORKS website or contact your nearest reseller for more information.


Mathieu Fourcade

Mathieu Fourcade

Matt is a Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS Inspection and new initiatives. CSWE. He previously worked as a Technical Support Engineer and Product Marketing Manager for SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, Plastics and Electrical.
Mathieu Fourcade

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