How to quickly reverse the cable within the terminal strip editor with SOLIDWORKS Electrical

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical the insertion of cables and connection to the terminal strip can go wrong at times. This tip will help you rectify this very simply and easily.

Below is the cable in the wrong position:

Cable shown in wrong position

This is caused by connecting the cable to the wrong side of the terminal strip within the orientation. As shown below:

Connecting to the wrong side of terminal strip
Connecting to the wrong side of terminal strip 2
Connecting to the wrong side of the terminal strip 3


The trick is to simply spin the orientation around in the terminal.

First open the terminal strip manager (found in the project tab).

In the top left hand side of the manager bar there is an advanced tab. Select this.

Terminal Strip Manager

Highlight the terminal strips 1 to 3 where the cable W3 is connected. Then click the invert button on the right hand side and hey presto the cable is moved along with all connections and data applied to it.

Correct positioning

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