SOLIDWORKS Inspection: Four Favorites in 2015

This fall, I’m looking forward to the turkey dinners, family get-togethers, and most importantly SOLIDWORKS 2015. There are some great new features in SOLIDWORKS Inspection, and I’ve gathered a list of my favorite four in the upcoming release.

Separate Installer Be Gone!


With the addition of SOLIDWORKS Inspection to the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, there is no longer a need to run an additional installation. This will provide us with a much more streamlined, worry-free process when both installing from scratch, and upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2015.

This will also add the capability to create an admin image for a SOLIDWORKS Inspection installation. After helping multiple users get their Inspection up and running, this one by far takes the cake as number one for me.

Templates: Tedious Project Setup Answered


It looks like I can throw out my list of SOLIDWORKS Inspection project settings. The most time-consuming portion of most SOLIDWORKS Inspection projects is getting all of your document settings correct to your standards. With SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2015, and the addition of templates, this is no longer a problem.

Just like SOLIDWORKS has natively offered, SOLIDWORKS Inspection now offers document setting templates as well. This allows you to enter all of your settings into a template that can be called upon to instantly set up a project. This will cut time on every project over time, making it by far, my second favorite addition to SOLIDWORKS Inspection in 2015.

Edit On The Fly

With the addition of editing capabilities for all properties directly in the bill of characteristics, there is no need to use the characteristic properties menu for most of the changes we make on a regular basis. I love working with less clicks, and this cuts my click count in half. This is a huge workflow adjustment, and makes the software so much easier to use.

Export to Inspection Project


With the addition of better export capabilities comes the option to export to an inspection project. This allows you to export to a PDF that has all of the inspection information associated already, that can then be opened in SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone. This addresses a few issues, and is a great answer to some of Inspection’s biggest problems. This is a great bridge from SOLIDWORKS to the Standalone application.

You can now quickly auto-balloon drawings within SOLIDWORKS and then export them to SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone, and begin to load in CMM results and dimensional information. This also provides the capability to have projects created within SOLIDWORKS exported and in an Inspection specific format, so the Quality Analysts and the Engineers can work independent of each other, saving the time of back and forth communications, and sometimes tedious requests.

As you can see, there are a lot of great new features and modifications to look forward to in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2015.

By: Cody Pendzich, Technical Support Representative

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