MySolidWorks Learning: Six-Minutes to the Single Modeling Environment

This MySolidWorks Learning post will preview the “Single Modeling Environment” available at no cost at

By participating in this lesson, you will build a foundation for working within a single modeling environment (SME), which will help you explore how to quickly transition between features and assembly components to restructure your concept design. It will also acquaint you with the structure of the Design Tree, which is frequently utilized while working in this type of environment.


After this six-minute MySolidWorks lesson, you will:

  • Understand the concepts of the single modeling environment.
  • Explore the structure of the design tree when a product includes a combination of features, bodies, and components.
  • Discover how to convert features to be an assembly component.

Remember, MySolidWorks Learning is a great asset to partner with SOLIDWORKS Instructor-led training.  You can take advantage of My SolidWorks Learning to brush up on SOLIDWORKS skills or introduce yourself to new features and functions. With 30+ hours of content available at no cost, MySolidWorks is ready to take you where you want to go – whenever and wherever you want. Click here to get started.


Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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