Create Great Presentations with SOLIDWORKS Composer

It was a pleasant surprise, wasn’t it, when you discovered that SOLIDWORKS Composer was even more useful than you imagined? You thought the vector-based graphic output would be a fitting tool for associatively using your SOLIDWORKS models in your catalogs, websites, build instructions, repair manuals, and Bills of Materials. But then you discovered…the photo-quality rendered output,  the great descriptive documentation tools, and the drop-dead easiest animation tool you’ve ever used.

Is there any way it could make even better presentations? With my company logo, perhaps, or drawings of the parts themselves, as the background image, or better yet, the floor under my models? Could SOLIDWORKS Composer really get any better?

We’re glad you asked.

We’ll start with our original output, as seen in Figure 1.


Fig. 1

Next, we’ll select the “Ground” actor from the Environment node of the Collaboration pane, as in Figure 2.


Fig. 2

Now we are able to see the options available to use in the Properties pane (Figure 3).


Fig. 3

It’s the “Ground texture” property you want to change here. Browse for your favorite raster image. As mentioned, some like to use their company logo – I like using things like the 2-D drawing of the part, or a picture of the environment the model would be found in, be it a desktop or factory floor. While here, experiment with some of the other options found here, such as Scale, Mirror, Shadow and Fall off. It’s the best way to learn, especially in such a visual tool as SOLIDWORKS Composer.

Here’s my end result (Figure 4).


Fig. 4
Our customers continually tell us they’ve found SOLIDWORKS Composer to be useful in more ways than they originally anticipated. What has been your experience?

By: Sam Hochberg, Applications Engineer

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