MySolidWorks Learning: Weldments Cutlist

This MySolidWorks learning post will preview the “Weldments: Cut List” session now available to all Customers with active SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services.


The weldments cut list will allow you to create a list to aggregate all of the bodies in a weldment part and conveniently display only the information required for your design. Similar to a bill of materials in an assembly, the cut list provides details of weldment members. This feature is essential to collecting and visualizing the information for cut, welded, and structural shapes.

After this lesson, you will be able to successfully:

  • Create and edit a cut list.
  • Edit custom properties.
  • Edit the material of the bodies in a weldment part

Available to all MySolidWorks users who have SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services, this session is only 10 minutes long and will instruct you on how to navigate all things relating to the weldments cut list. If you’re participating in an instructor-led weldments training, this lesson is a must!

Remember, MySolidWorks Learning is a great asset to partner with SOLIDWORKS Instructor-led training.  Thanks to My SolidWorks Learning, you can learn SOLIDWORKS or brush up on your skills with 30+ hours of content, available at no cost, whenever and where ever you want. Click here to get started.

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Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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