MySolidWorks Learning: Sketch Booleans: Make your 3D Object Intersections Come to Life

Ever want to combine the volume of two objects but never had the resources to do it? After this MySolidWorks Learning tutorial, you’ll be able to master the art of 3D object union. Sketch Booleans is the particular function within SOLIDWORKS that allows you to freely intersect, add, and subtract one object from the other or multiple objects at once. What was once hard to visualize will now come to life before your eyes. The Sketch Booleans functions within SOLIDWORKS also enables you to find the volume that two shapes have in common when intersected; this is particularly important for those users who are in the molding or casting businesses.


Sketch Booleans can be generated from the addition, subtraction, or intersection of overlapping sketch objects. The original geometry used in creating the Sketch Boolean is retained in the Design Tree and can be shown in the Work Area; Sketch Booleans can also be removed to return to the original geometry.

After successfully completing the Sketch Booleans lesson, you will be able to effectively:

  • Create Sketch Booleans by adding, subtracting, and using the intersection of existing sketch objects.
  • Use the Show Hidden Geometry command to display the underlying sketch objects.
  • Use Remove Boolean to revert back to the original sketch geometry.

No matter what, Sketch Booleans will allow you to make your creations come to life!

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Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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