MySolidWorks Training: Intro to SOLIDWORKS Routing in 8-minutes

In this MySolidWorks Training post, we’re going to preview a SOLIDWORKS Routing session. What’s SOLIDWORKS Routing? Use the Routing application to create special types of subassemblies that build paths of pipes, tubes, or electrical cables between components.

Hydraulic Station

The 8-minute Introduction to Routing lesson will help you understand how to start routing and how a route subassembly organizes and stores components. During the lesson, you will also learn how to:

  • Enable the Routing add-in
  • Locate the Piping, Tubing and Electrical menus
  • Understand the Routing subassembly
  • Identify Routing library components
  • Use the Routing library manager to load settings

From Routing file locations and templates to using the Routing Component Wizard, MySolidWorks is the place to get the best answers to all of your SOLIDWORKS and Routing questions. With more than 10 hours of MySolidWorks Training content available, MySolidWorks allows users to get answers, learn, stay current, as well as share and showcase their expertise. Get started for free on MySolidWorks today.

Mike Fearon

Mike Fearon

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